Celebrating Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Birthday and Remembering Others

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Celebrating Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Birthday 

Every year, I want to celebrate MLK’s birthday by doing something different. So, this year is no different. I thought about his question, “What are you doing for others?”  Of course, I pay it forward to other authors, but I thought, What else can I do?

I thought about his March on Washington and I decided to join the 2017 Women’s March on Washington on January 21. You already know what the march is about and I don’t need to add anything.

I have been an activist for many years, and I presume I will always be one-it’s part of me and my legacy.

Please enjoy your holiday and remember others in history—past and present.

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2 thoughts on “Celebrating Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Birthday and Remembering Others

  1. I was the photographer (and cartoonist) for the Smith College newspaper. One of the most memorable results of that assignment was I got to interview and photograph my classmates when they returned from walking with Martin Luther King,Jr on the Selma march. Their stories were beyond anything I had ever imagined and opened my eyes to a totally new awareness of the world. The other most memorable result was that I got a special press pass to photograph JFK when he spoke at Amherst shortly before he was assassinated.

    • Carrie, that is a wonderful story. I certainly enjoy hearing the stories of many who have a new awakening or understanding of history. Each and every one of us has “our” story as part of history. Please enjoy your day and your memories!

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