Seven Sentence Sunday with Cheryl Holloway

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Seven Sentence Sunday

Once Upon a Time


Most of my readers enjoy Seven Sentence Sunday and often request the short stories. 

I write a short story using only seven sentences. I also use this as a writing exercise in the writing workshops that I present. This writing prompt is from my writer’s group, Accokeek Womens Writing Group.

Title: Spring Greenery—Symbolic of New Beginnings

I love spring because it is a refreshing and revitalizing time after a long, cold winter.

The trees and the grass are fresh and green with all of the plants and flowers blossoming.

It starts with the Cherry Blossom season that spills over with warm sunlight, bright colors and delicate fragrances.

Ahh…the smell of spring greenery brings a new beginning for nature and me.

I’m ready to make some changes that are long overdue in my writing and in my life.

So, I’ve begun writing a new book and I’m trying to get myself ready to recycle all of the old stuff.

Yes, I’m ready for a new journey…California, here I come.

The End

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Thanks for reading this story. Please give me some feedback and tell me if you like it or what you think about the topic.

Have a Great Writing Day!

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Don’t Keep this Blog a Secret…Tell Your Friends about it!

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4 thoughts on “Seven Sentence Sunday with Cheryl Holloway

  1. My seven sentence story.

    I wonder all day what I will do.

    I write I revise, edit then re-read.

    This is the way I love to spend my life indeed.

    Off to the publisher will my story go.

    Now I’m excited because soon the world will know.

    My art is polished and ready to be sold.

    It’s time to go to the store and buy plenty of copies for family, friends-and everybody!

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