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Title: Addicted to His Stroke

Genre: African American/Women’s Fiction

Synopsis: After discovering that her ex-lover impregnated another woman while they were still together and marries the woman next day in front of her, the dam of the dozens of failed relationships that lingerie shop owner, Danyella Wimbledon has been carrying around finally breaks. This not only leaves her mentally and physically broken, but it left her with the hopeless feeling that love just isn’t for her. And as a result, she succumbs to quick rolls in the hay to satisfy her needs. But when she and her very handsome, though, seemingly cruel next door neighbor, Ethan Black, share a few unexpected encounters and end up on a week-long cruise together, Danyella begins to see him in a different light, as things suddenly heat up between them in a way she never would’ve expected. Before she realizes it, she becomes addicted to everything about him, especially his stroke. Will her past become her present yet again or will Ethan’s stroke be enough to make Danyella forget that her ex or any other man ever even existed…

Firefighter Ethan Black has been infatuated with Danyella from the first moment she moved into her new home and became his next-door neighbor. But thanks to a grave mistake on his part, she wants absolutely nothing to do with him. Though he does everything in his power to try to make it up to her, nothing seems to works. Frustrated, Ethan counts it as a loss and just decides to move on. But when Ethan finds himself all alone with Danyella one night and she is suddenly willing to open up to him more ways than one, he makes it his mission to ignite the blazes of passion that dances seductively in her eyes every time their together and make her his for as long as she’ll have him. But when havoc reigns supreme, when jealousy, secrets, and misery, swirl around them like a deadly hurricane and the good times dwindle down the drain, will Ethan’s heart?

India T. Norfleet, Author

CH: Today’s Guest Author is India T. Norfleet, the naughty novelist. Welcome to my blog, India.

CH: Can you tell us in one sentence, why we should read your book?

ITN: This book is the love story of a lifetime.

CH: This story has a shocking beginning. So, where did you get the idea for this book? Was there a special reason that you decided to write this book?

ITN: No special reason. The idea book just came to me while I was listening to late night radio one night. It was one of Chris Brown’s songs. LOL. Anyway, while listening to the lyrics, something said pick up a pen and start writing. Next time I knew it, I’d outlined an entire story. And that’s how Addicted to His Stroke was born!

CH: Was it hard creating believable situations and issues or did you take them from real life and elaborate?

ITN: No, it wasn’t hard at all. I always take them from real life and use my imagination. The more real, the better. The more the reader can relate, the better the story. I like to get as real as possible. Sometimes, I worry that I’m too real, because I’ll put them in such horrible situations. But I do that to show the reader that no matter what kind of pain you’ve endured in love, you can still find a worth believing in.

CH: The heroine was mentally and physically broken and rightfully assured that love wasn’t going to find her. So, why did you decide to bring her neighbor into the love light?

ITN: I did that because Danyella needed it, she deserved it after all the pain and sadness she’d endured from past relationships. I needed to give her a love. An uncontrollable, steamy, powerful, strong-willed, unpredictable,  all-consuming,  cross your heart and hope to die, pinky-promise type love. She had already experienced love at its worst. It was finally time to show her love at its very best. It was time to give her hope, so she could believe again.

CH: What is different and exciting that you bring to your readers through your writing style?

ITN: I would say, ‘The way I weave the emotion into the story to make it feel as though you’re the main character going through their experiences. I like to give you the real deal. I don’t like to soften the blow. I want you all…fully invested in my book until the very last page.’

CH: Where do you get inspiration for your characters?

ITN: From all over. Anywhere from sitting in the kitchen at the table talking to my mom, to watching people argue at the grocery store, to washing my car. For me, inspiration is everywhere.

CH: Who was your favorite character to write?

ITN: Ethan! He was so in love with Danyella, even though he tried to deny it at first. He was all about proving his love to her.  He just wanted her happy, but only with him. He wanted to give her the whole world.

CH: Who was the hardest character to write?

ITN: Danyella! She was a struggle for me because she’d been hurt before. And it was a deep hurt. She struggles with her emotions from loving the wrong men. And she didn’t want to fail again. She didn’t want to give anyone else a chance. She was broken. And I had to figure out how to describe the depth of her hurt and then try to put her together again with love acting as the glue that held her together. She left me emotionally exhausted.

CH: Your book has a lot of ups and downs and potholes and high rises, so do you prefer writing a book with a lot of twists and turns?

ITN: Absolutely! I like to take my readers on this wild journey—this unpredictable roller coaster ride. I want the readers to think they know what’s coming, but then they get the shock of a lifetime. Plus, I feel the ups and downs show how strong they are for overcoming the pain, if in fact they can overcome it, at all.

CH: Is there a message in your novel that you want the readers to grasp?

ITN: Yes! Love is real and it’s beautiful and amazing and all consuming. But you have to be willing to fight your way through the storms to get to that love. To appreciate that genuine, I love you to the moon and back type of love.

CH: If you could collaborate with any author living or dead, who would you choose?

ITN: Erotic Author Zane all day! I love her.

CH: Are there any authors who you would consider to be your mentor?

ITN: No, I don’t have any authors that I would consider my mentor.

CH: You seem to have quite a few followers. What kind of feedback are you getting from readers of your books?

ITN: I get so much positive feedback until it’s almost unreal. I have so many of my readers that love my work so much, until they check my social media pages daily looking for me to release my next book. Their support is wholehearted.

CH: What can we expect next from you?

ITN: Next, you can expect my new erotic romance, Let Me Do You All Night Long, and Part 2 of my book of short story erotica, Days of Desire 2.

CH: Can you tell my audience where your book is sold?

ITN: My books are available through Amazon, Barnes and Noble or readers can get in touch with me directly for autographed copies.

CH: How to Find India T. Norfleet:

CH: Any closing remarks?

ITN: Cheryl, thank you for this amazing opportunity to give you and your audience insight into my latest novel. It’s truly been a pleasure giving you all a closer look into Ethan and Danyella’s love story. If anyone hasn’t had the pleasure, please get your copy today, drop me a line and let me know what you think. I’d love to hear from you.

CH: Thank you so much, India T. Norfleet for taking time out of your very busy writing schedule to join me and my blog followers.  It has been a real pleasure discussing your book with my audience.  And readers, if you’re like me and would enjoy this book.  I suggest you pick up a copy at your earliest convenience. 

Note: Photos/Clip art are compliments of the Internet, India T. Norfleet and Cheryl Holloway.

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