Miracle’s Destiny Book Launch Pictures – By Request

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Title: Miracles’s Destiny

Genre: Family Saga

Synopsis: Miracle had no clue that keeping her brother Joseph’s secret would blindside her marriage to Mychal. She’s also holding back about Karma, her husband’s sister. Mychal isn’t without his own discretions; when faced with Joseph’s reality, Mychal is peering in the closet at his own skeletons. Miracle is the confidant of the family and is expected to hold it together, but her life is evaporating before her eyes. Will Miracle heal from her untruths and get back her hectic life that she often complained about?

So many people have asked me, “How was the book launch event?” Well, here are some pictures, so you can see for yourself. It was indeed a classy affair, thanks to Georgette Littlejohn, author. 

The author and her book as they greeted hundreds of attendees.

A table full of books and items for sale.


Her hand got tired signing so many books.

The proud writer turned author, Georgette Littlejohn.

This is just a few of the pictures. The photographer took hundreds of photos. The cake was beautiful, the food was delicious and  topped off with Sangria wine. A good time was had by all—Georgette’s family, friends and fans!

Signature LogoNote: Photos/Clip art are compliments of the Internet and Cheryl Holloway.

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