Cheryl Holloway Wishes Everyone A Happy 2017 Thanksgiving

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I am very thankful and extremely Blessed!

Happy Thanksgiving to All!

Today, I want to share what I am most thankful for here on my blog…my little corner of the internet. After all, I have so much to be Thankful for…

I give thanks for every single person who reads my blog and their loyalty.

I give thanks for each and every person who takes time out of their busy schedule to leave a comment on my blog posts.

I give thanks for those of you who don’t have time to comment, but have a moment to share it with your friends.

I give a special thanks for our military men and women, who serve our country with honor and pride.

I give thanks for all of my fellow writers, who so diligently write the stories that fantastic readers devour so quickly.

I give thanks for my family and friends, who I love dearly and sincerely cherish. And…

I give thanks for all of the special people, who are subscribers to my blog and readers of my books.

“I am deeply thankful, blessed and want to extend to everyone best wishes for a happy, healthy and blessed 2017 Thanksgiving Day.”

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