Cheryl Holloway Asks, “Have You Met Your Writing Goals for 2017?”

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“Have You Met Your Writing Goals for 2017?”

Oh, no. You didn’t get that book written. And…you didn’t finish NaNoWriMo. You’ve fallen behind, and now, you’re beating yourself up…bad!

I know, you’re saying, “I missed my writing goals. I have no motivation. I can’t stay on a writing routine. Besides, it’s almost the end of the year. Why bother? I will do better next year.”

But…Why wait? Let’s get started now and you’ll be ahead of the writing game. You’ll be ready for those 2018 Writing Goals. No more excuses!

Three Simple Tips:

  1. Focus on 1 or 2 Writing Goals.
  2. Create a Simple Action Plan.
  3. Reward Yourself when you Finish a Weekly Goal.

My Suggestion: Instead of writing the whole book, try writing the outline for the book and maybe just writing the first chapter by December 31st with weekly goals that are doable. The rewards can be simple also, like buying that writing book at the used bookstore or a café latte at Starbucks ®.

Be grateful and thankful for what little progress you’ve made. After all, these are baby steps towards making your big goal happen!

Another Simple Tip to Stay on Track:

I would also suggest finding a writing buddy, who you are accountable to them and they are accountable to you. You will keep each other on track for your overall writing goals.

Get started today, don’t wait until January 1st!

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