A Writer’s Idea Instead of A New Year’s Resolution for 2018

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January is usually a time of change and new beginnings. Most people see January as a time to start over and begin making New Year’s Resolutions, which they think will improve the quality of their life in the coming year. If you’re like most of us, the majority of your New Year’s resolutions will fail (92%). Eating healthy and going on a strict diet usually goes out the window by Valentine’s Day and all the chocolates.

I have suggested this before in 2014 and decided to bring it up again. So, since we’re all writers, let’s try a new concept to this.

My suggestion:  Let’s pretend that we are Dan Fogelman, an American creator and writer; Kay Oyegun, writer; Donald Todd, writer; or Aurin Squire, writer,  for the award-winning television series, This Is Us.  You are writing a new series about you and your life as a writer.






Your character wants to begin anew for 2018 and plan ahead for the many successes, as well as challenges of his/her writing career. The character must reflect on the past writing years and writing accomplishments of his/her life. The character will contemplate ideas for that much-waited-for award, the well-deserved bestseller or the prestigious moment when their book is #1 on the New York Times Bestseller List. Your character has been through the rough times when he/she couldn’t get a traditional publisher; through the changes when their agent finally got them a publisher of choice; and when he/she had to evolve into the great writer that he/she always knew they could become.  So, instead of picking a New Year’s Resolution you will pick a “theme” for your writing career in 2018. Sample themes: “Moving on up in the writing world,” or “The next stage in my writing career,” or “Finally getting the perfect or not-so-perfect writing deal and advance.”

Keep in mind that according to Wikipedia, Fogelman grew up in what he has called an “endearingly dysfunctional”  Jewish family. So, it hasn’t always been a perfect world for Fogelman. His life and career may be on top of the world today, but back in past, it wasn’t. I’m sure the same applies to the other writers, because obviously that is where they get the material for their script.

First, think back through 2017, and ask yourself, “What was the highlight of my writing career in 2017?”  Then, make a list (minimum of 3) writing events that you want to look forward to in the coming year.  This writing exercise will probably be more attainable than any New Year’s Resolution list.

My author friend, Georgette Littlejohn, had a great writing year—A GRO-c-ERY STORY, children’s book; Miracle’s Destiny, debut novel; and Bad Girl Blues, stage play production.

My author friend, Libby Campbell, published Lydia’s Revenge in eBook and paperback. I love the cover!

I had a great year as an accountability coach by helping other writers get their writing out in the eye of the public, but 2018 is my year for getting more of my books out there. Four of my projects are: The Lady In The Trunk; How to Enhance Your Life With Prayer; The Gift of Love; and A Sisterhood of Women Living Life: A Short Story Collection Book 2.

So, think it over carefully and put pen to paper and make those ideas become a reality in 2018!

P.S. (to two good writing friends) Pat Crews, we can hardly wait on The Taming of Mama and Winona Addison, we are eager to read Balloon Acres.

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