Celebrating Black History Month 2018 with Cheryl Holloway

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Black History Month is throughout the month of February,

From February 1-28, I will spotlight various books, facts, information and quotes for Black History Month. I am planning some interesting blog posts.

Today’s Black History info is Six African American Movies that you should see to learn about some of our heroes and some of our history.

“Glory” (1989) – about a Union Army during the Civil War that was made up solely of African American soldiers.

“Malcolm X” (1992) – about Malcolm X and his role as a Black activist and the legacy he left behind after he was assassinated in 1965.

“Ali” (2001)about Muhammad Ali (Cassius Clay), an American professional boxer and activist, who faced difficult circumstances.

“12 Years a Slave” (2013) –  about Solomon Northup, and his life as a free man who was sold into slavery in the South and the cruelty he endured from his owner.

“Selma” (2014) – about the 1965 march led by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama.

“Hidden Figures” (2016) – about three African American women who helped with the launch of astronaut John Glenn.

By the way, I’ve seen all of these movies. Have you?

Note: Movie info courtesy of www.ibtimes.com and Rachael Ellenbogen. Photos/Clip art are compliments of the Internet and Cheryl Holloway.

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