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Yes, I’m currently open for many guest author requests and a few book review requests from authors, publishers, and fellow readers.

Who am I? I am a dedicated author and an avid reader. I’m also an experienced blogger and book reviewer. I write romance short stories, eBooks, and novels.

What is the Cheryl Holloway Blog About? It is a writer’s blog and a book blog that has been active since September 2013. It’s a site that Pays-it-Forward to other authors with Guest Author Interviews. It is also a site for a few outstanding book reviews and Celebrity Guest Author Interviews. It is a site that posts opinion pieces about writing and the literary world, as I see it.

Guest Author Interviews – Author, Publicists and Publishers: I provide interviews for Indie/self-published or traditionally published authors.

Review Policy Author, Publicists and Publishers: I review mainly genre fiction titles. I will make exceptions to the rule if a book blurb and/or excerpt really makes an impression on me. I review only a few titles a year. I will give the most honest review possible, even if the book didn’t work for me. If you want me to post the review on Amazon, Goodreads or Smashwords, please request it.

Rating: I rate on a scale from 1-5 stars. I rate on overall plot, characters and writing.

Timing: I will try to the best of my ability to reply in a timely fashion to any requests.

Note: My blog posts are shared on Facebook and on Twitter. Backlinks to my blog from authors who I have spotlighted are greatly appreciated. I make no money from my blog or my book reviews.

Please include:

  • Book title, book cover and synopsis
  • Genre(s)
  • Author photo (required)
  • Short Author Bio – generally, we do not post bios; however, I read them.
  • Release date – within one year.
  • A link to the book on your website, Amazon, or Goodreads.
  • Do you have a .pdf version available to send me?

Please take a close look at the blog format.

Please understand that I receive a great deal of requests.  I cannot possibly accommodate every book or every author. (But I try!) 

I can’t wait to spotlight the next bestseller!                                                           Signature Logo