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Title: A Love Like War

Genre: Mystery/Suspense/Romantic Suspense/Contemporary

Synopsis: Nash Lamont Kingston: I knew what I wanted from a young age. Born a piece of trailer trash, I had bigger dreams. I wanted it all. I wanted to run the drugs that keep Miami hot. I would become the King one way or another. Sadie was the girl that I loved. I couldn’t commit to her though. I was far too gone for that, but when her life is put in the line of fire, I’m forced to choose between her and the empire I’ve built. The choice wasn’t any easy one to make and when I do, I may be shoving her into the arms of one of my best friends.

Erin Trejo, Author

CH: Today’s Guest Author is Erin Trejo. She loves being able to create different characters and spin a web that makes them come together in the end. Welcome to my blog, Erin.

CH: Can you sum up your book in 20 words or less?

ET: A Love Like War is a raw gritty glimpse into the life of some lifelong friends that want more out of there life than what they started with.

CH: Your book deals with love, drugs and thugs. So, how did you come up with the premise for this book?

ET: These are things that we have all dealt with in some way, shape or form. I think it brings a lot of things to light that some readers have been exposed to. I wanted my book to be as real as possible.

CH: With that in mind, was it hard creating believable situations and issues or did you take them from real life and elaborate?

ET: A little of both. I’ve had a lot of crazy experiences in life that I like to use in my books. I think it creates a much more real setting for my characters.

CH: Since this book is a mystery/thriller with lots of suspense, did you run into any challenges while writing this book?

ET: I did! Creating a plot that I could toss, twist and what it turns into was a challenge. The basic storyline just wouldn’t have been enough to draw attention. It needed more.

CH: Did you have to do any special research to write this book?

ET: I did research on some of the mafia aspects in the book, since they are my weakness.

CH: What is different and exciting that you bring to your readers through your writing style? 

ET: I think that my background and the way I twist in some real situations is different. Not every single book will have purely fiction. I think tossing in some real is what makes the books come alive.

CH: Which character was hardest to write?

ET: Tristan, for sure. He was a bad boy with a good heart. I think trying to make that presentable was the hardest part.

CH: Which character was your favorite to write?

ET: Nash. He has no filter when it comes to something he wants. He doesn’t take no for an answer, at any time.

CH: Which character was hardest to develop?

ET: Nash again. I had to find a way to make his “not so nice” persona have a heart, later on in the book. He was for sure my biggest challenge.

CH: Is there a message in your novel that you want the readers to grasp?

ET: Never give up on your dreams. When you find something to love, love it with all you have.

CH: What kind of feedback are you getting from readers of this book?

ET: The feedback has been positive. They feel the connection to the readers and it really helps them feel like part of the story.

CH: Are there any authors that provide inspiration for your writing? 

ET: No. I don’t tend to read much, as strange as that sounds!

CH: Since you’re a stay-at-home mom, was writing your outlet to real life?

ET: It can be, yes. I always have a lot going on and mainly in my head. When my kids are at school, that’s when I can really get things out!

CH: Have you received any awards for your writing?

ET: I’ve been International Best Seller on Amazon more than once. That’s a huge thing for me!

CH: What is your next writing project?

ET: I’m finishing up a new MC series for next year, Soulless Bastards.

CH: How to Find Erin Trejo:

CH: Can you tell my audience where this book is sold?

ET: This one is on Amazon only for the time being. Eventually I will have it on multiple platforms.

CH: Any closing remarks?

ET: Thank you so much for inviting me for this interview. Cheryl, it’s bloggers like you that keep us Indie writers going. I don’t think you guys truly get the recognition you deserve. Without you we wouldn’t get anywhere so you guys mean the world to me!

CH: Thank you so much, Erin Trejo, for taking time out of your very busy writing schedule to join me and my blog followers.  It has been a real pleasure discussing your book with my audience.  And readers, if you’re like me and would enjoy this book.  I suggest you pick up a copy at your earliest convenience. 

Note: Photos/Clip art are compliments of the Internet, Erin Trejo and Cheryl Holloway.

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