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Title: Across Difficult Ground

 Genre: Romance

 Synopsis: (Two Love Stories) French translator Jenny Hawkins has focused solely on bringing up her family, since her husband left them ten years ago. It takes a kiss in the back of a taxi from the equally family-conscious Adam Shaw to shake her out of her comfort zone and realize she can have a second chance at love.

Climbing instructor Fee Braithwaite has been let down too often to treat enigmatic Patrick Cord as anything other than her latest client. But with ruin threatening the family caravan site, she has to move past her prejudices to find, and then trust, the man within the protective shell.

Roger Sanderson, Author

International Authors on Cheryl Holloway’s Blog

CH: Today’s Guest Author is Roger Sanderson. He is an international author, whose writing career started when he wrote Commando comics. Since then, he has written forty-four medical romance novels and now, he writes romantic comedy. Welcome to my blog, Roger.

CH: Can you tell us in one sentence, why we should read your book?

RS: It has humour, mountains, families and two love stories

CH: You said that you write about love and laughter. So, why did you decide to write this book?

RS: I wanted to write about the Lake District, which I love, and I wanted my characters to be real people, surmounting their problems.

CH: Where do your ideas come from? Do you have a standard formula for plots or do stories come to you as a whole concept?

RS: I don’t have a formula. I start with the characters and a setting and the book carries in my head as a whole concept from there.

CH: Was it hard creating believable situations and issues or did you take them from real life and elaborate?

RS: I never have trouble coming up with ideas or issues. The problem is finding the time to write them down. I’m a great exponent of ‘What if…?’

CH: Who was your favorite character to write? Who was the hardest character to write?

RS: My favourite character was Jenny, the older sister. The hardest, I think, was Edith, the French novelist, who couldn’t write any more. I find it difficult to imagine a time when I don’t want to write.

CH: How do you incorporate laughter into your books?

RS: I give the characters a sense of humour. The laughter comes from them.

CH: Is there a message in your novel that you want the readers to grasp?

RS: Only that sometimes a person’s internal journey is as difficult as a physical one.

CH: What is different and exciting that you bring to your readers through your writing style?

RS: My Englishness, perhaps?

CH: Does your love for climbing enhance the writing of this book?

RS: It did, yes. I really enjoyed reliving the climbs in my mind.

CH: You’ve written several books. What contributes to your success as a writer?

RS: I always try to have interesting characters and challenging situations.

CH: What type of feedback are you receiving from readers?

RS: Positive. In general, my readers seem to like my work.

CH: Which writer do you admire most and why?

RS: I really admire Jill Mansell. Not only does she write her first draft in longhand (legibly!), she always creates interesting, multi-stranded novels that make me laugh, as well as make me think.

CH: What’s your next writing project?

RS: I alternate between contemporary ‘Roger Sanderson’ books and medical romances written under the name of Gill Sanderson. Next up is another medical. As I’ve recently broken my arm, I’m thinking of inflicting the same injury on one of my characters!

CH: What was the most exciting thing to happen on your publishing journey?

RS: Undoubtedly, the most exciting thing was when I sold my first ‘Commando’ script. I had arrived as a writer!

CH: Can you give my audience your website address?

RS: I’m afraid I am so technically challenged, I don’t have one. Just wrestling with the computer in order to write the books and keep up with my emails is enough for me. Social media would be a distraction too far.

CH: Can you tell my audience where your book is sold?

RS: If they look on Amazon for Roger Sanderson or Gill Sanderson, my books are all listed there.

CH: How to Find Roger Sanderson:

CH: Any closing remarks?

RS: Thank you very much for some interesting questions. I apologize if I haven’t done them justice in the answers. Cheryl, Thanks for the interview.

CH: Thank you so much, Roger Sanderson, for taking time out of your very busy writing schedule to join me and my blog followers.  It has been a real pleasure discussing your book with my audience.  And readers, if you’re like me and would enjoy this book.  I suggest you pick up a copy at your earliest convenience. 

Note: Photos/Clip art are compliments of the Internet, Roger Sanderson and Cheryl Holloway..

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