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Review of Courgar Tales Book 1-3 by Cheryl Holloway

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Cougar Tales Books 1-3 by Cheryl Holloway

I received a copy of the Cougar Tales Box set from Cheryl Holloway in return for my honest review.

The Cougar Tales Box Set is made up of 2 short stories and 1 Novella

  • Book 1: Father & Son
  • Book 2: The Italian Basketball Player
  • Book 3: Jamaican Love
I read the Cougar Tales Box set individually so each story will have its own short review below 🙂

Review for Cougar Tales: Father & Son:

Now I’m not a person who generally enjoys short stories but i did enjoy the concept of Father & Son. Some people may say the story is badly written but i believe it’s just right for a novella…quite simple and really easy to follow 🙂When a writer gets too technical with their writing in a short story/novella it can become increasingly harder to commit to writing a short story if that makes any sense 😀

Any how little rant over now, i can tell you what i thought was good about this novella…the main thing i enjoyed about the story was despite how short the story was and the simplicity of its writing the characters where really easy to connect with which helped boost all the emotional factors of the story. This story is a mix of emotions from love, hate, happiness, grief and gross happiness…..yes i did say gross happiness, one of those moments when something is happy but when you think about it it’s also gross or disturbing at the same time. so without giving the story away that is all i can say…


Review for Cougar Tales: The Italian Basketball Player:

Once again this story was cut all too soon. i sometimes find with short stories/ novellas that there seems to be chunks of story missing…not to the point of messing the plot up just to the point where your sitting there thinking ‘i wish i’d been there when he told his brother that… his reaction could have been awesome’

Overall I see great potential for this story as a full length novel..the characters are intriguing, to my imagination at least, the story line works really well too so I’d say I would rate my experience with this novella at


Review for Cougar Tales: Jamaican Love:

Just like Italian Basketball Player this story was cut all too soon, but Overall I see great potential for this story as a full length novel..the characters are intriguing, to my imagination at least, the story line works really well too.

I fell in love with Spencer and Joi all too well and i can only hope for where their story will lead 🤗 but i am overly happy at the ending to this short story…i cried so much. Out of the 3 Cougar Tales i must say Jamaican Love is probably my favourite.


Thanks For Reading!
Lesley Acford

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I want to personally thank Lesley for her reviews. They are greatly appreciated.

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