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Title: A Second Chance: Grace For the Broken

Genre: Self-help

Synopsis: A Second Chance is a hope-filled, life-giving rescue plan for people who have failed. It’s written with a combination of transparency and tools that are transforming and also provide guidance to those who are called upon to restore the broken.


For every leader stranded on the side of the road without a map, A Second Chance pulls up to them like an RV full of love, wisdom, grace, mercy, restoration, and support to not only pull the beleaguered servant up from the ashes of disgrace and shame, but to drive them onward to a future that is brighter than their past.

Keith A. Battle, Author

CH: Today’s Guest Author is Keith A. Battle. He is Pastor of Zion Church. Welcome to my blog, Pastor Keith.

CH: Please tell us in one sentence, why we should read this book on second chances.

KB: Because everyone blows it and needs a roadmap for how to recover well following failure.

CH: Is your book geared mainly to Christian leaders or can anyone use your advice?

KB: My book is geared towards leaders in general, but because failure is universal, it’s a book that all can benefit from.

CH: This book is about transformational growth and emotional healing. So, how did you come up with the premise for writing this book?

KB: The book is born out of my own personal experience. I share my way down and my way up out of failure.

CH: I enjoyed the graphics with a number two in the title word second. Was this your input?

KB: Nope. The book’s designer Rob Wesley came up with that concept.

CH: Did you have to do any special research to write this book?

KB: Absolutely. A lot of the stories that I introduced each chapter with required research.

CH: What is different that you bring to your readers through your writing style?

KB: I think a combination of transparency and practical advice are the things that are most helpful.

CH: You provide a map or rescue plan for the broken individuals. What are the top three steps one should take?

KB: The top three steps are: confession of wrong; recompense for damages done; and healing work and accountability.

CH: You provide a lot of examples—some from scripture and some from life. How did you decide on which examples to use?

KB: I love sports, so I connect a lot of sports examples to life lessons. I just kind of used whatever I thought would fit whatever point I was trying to make.

CH: Why do people make the same mistakes over and over in life?

KB: I think, it’s partly because they haven’t suffered severe enough consequences for those mistakes to be interested in changing. Then it’s also because they don’t have the tools needed to make the adjustments necessary to make better choices and decisions.

CH: You made your life quite transparent in the book. Was this a difficult decision?

KB: In some ways it was, but I actually wish I could be more transparent.

CH: Was writing your book therapy for you?

KB: Absolutely. The process of writing the book and the accomplishment of completing the book was all very therapeutic for me.

CH: Do you have a specific theory on second chances?

KB: When it comes to God, He gives us second chances before we’re even aware that we need them, because He knows the mistakes that we’re going to make, before we make them; yet, He loves us enough to allow us to fail.

CH: What is your next writing project?

KB: I’m writing my second book now and it’s about ‘relationships.’ Hopefully, it will be completed and released sometime this spring or summer.

CH: In the appendix, you also offer many resources for the reader. What type of feedback are you receiving from readers?

KB: All of the feedback that I’ve received from those who’ve read the book has been positive. Especially, from Leaders. 🙂

CH: How to Find Keith Battle:

CH: Can you tell my audience where this book is sold?

KB: Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

CH: Any closing remarks?

KB: My hope is that the Book will be used in Educational Leadership contexts, so that students will have a document on restoring fallen leaders.

Thanks for having me and taking an interest in my work, Cheryl.

CH: Thank you so much, Keith Battle, for taking time out of your very busy writing schedule to join me and my blog followers.  It has been a real pleasure discussing your book with my audience.  And readers, if you’re like me and would enjoy this book.  I suggest you pick up a copy at your earliest convenience. 

Note: Photos/Clip art are compliments of the Internet, Keith Battle and Cheryl Holloway.

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